When under pressure, managers have to make a lot of difficult decisions. The difference between successful leaders and those who fall short is the ability to balance getting the best out of their team, supporting and motivating them as individuals and still completing the task.

John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership™ (ACL) is one of the best known leadership models in the world and provides managers with the skills required to make difficult decisions effectively. This two-day course has stood the test of time and has been taught to millions of people globally.

The programme will provide you with a greater understanding of how leaders can impact team performance and you will be provided with opportunities to apply the theory in a practical setting.

Benefits of Action-Centred Leadership

  • A practical framework for effective leadership functions which is immediately applicable within your own team
  • A range of strategies for overcoming complex management challenges
  • An insight into your own leadership profile and how you can enhance it

Who Should Attend the Programme?

Anyone in a management or coaching role who wants to develop their leadership performance including: team leaders, first time managers, section leaders, junior managers and professional coaches. These skills are also very beneficial for people preparing for a future management role.

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