Developing Your Team

How do you build a productive team destined for success? It’s an art form that requires leaders to consistently recruit, retain, develop and motivate the right people, in the right roles all while balancing team dynamics.

Whether you’re looking to assess, engage or develop teams in your organisation – from newly formed teams to well-established teams – we provide bespoke team development programmes for delegates to learn the necessary skills and models to achieve consistently high levels of team performance.

As well as designing completely bespoke team development programmes, GRA also has a range of core programmes and offerings that can be customised to your needs:

Our Approach

The key to skill development is practice. That’s just as true for building high-performing teams as it is for sports, performing arts or technical training. Our team development offering is unique as we encourage teams to focus as much time as possible on applying newly developed skills in a practical setting; rather than sitting in a classroom.

In a world where fine margins exist between success and failure, we believe experiential learning through team challenges and ‘real life’ business scenarios creates opportunities for delegates to apply key team development concepts and theories.

By bringing the theory to life and testing these team skills in an environment away from their comfort zone, delegates enhance the rate of learning transfer and understand how to confidently apply the skills back in the workplace.  

"This was the best executive management team programme I have been on. It gave me lots of insights on where I, and the team, can improve." Stephen Bateman, CEO, Derbyshire Health United

We believe that delegates learn more when they’re having fun and engaging with the activities and challenges they’re undertaking. We have the ability to go mobile or host your team development programme at our two UK outdoor learning centres. Our activities include:

  • Problem-solving and initiative tasks
  • Team exercises
  • High and low ropes courses
  • Crate stack challenge
  • Climbing
  • Archery
  • Laser combat
  • Bushcraft

Each activity is followed up with a feedback session led by one of our experienced facilitators to review team process, communication and execution of the brief.

"GRA challenged our team and significantly increased levels of trust in a way that enabled great peer-to-peer coaching conversations. The programme has been a pivotal building block in helping the team reach its full potential." Michelle Ford, Talent and Development Manager, Tech Data

The Ethos of GRA Team Development Programmes

GRA embraces a Challenge by Choice philosophy where each delegate chooses which activities they are comfortable participating in. Our activities range from desktop exercises and non-physical challenges through to very physical challenges, catering to all abilities.

Our programmes are tailored to your learning objectives, the experience levels of the delegates, familiarity with one another, timescales and budgets. We focus on ensuring that as a result of the programme delegates have:

  • A clear understanding of team roles, expectations and goals
  • An awareness and appreciation each other’s strengths and how different team members complement one another
  • A ‘team first’ mentality. No individual member is more important than the team
  • Mutual trust and respect for one another and the team’s purpose
  • Accountability and personal ownership of responsibilities
  • The ability to discuss difficult issues openly and disagree constructively without damaging relationships
  • A creative and flexible attitude to problem-solving with opportunities for everyone to express their ideas
  • Shared leadership responsibilities to collectively drive results forward

"Working with GRA, we received creativity and purpose, but the laughter, courage, spontaneity, and sheer sense of togetherness exceeded my hopes and made for a hugely successful programme. I have nothing but positive feedback." Tom Hall, Director, Alitex 

Next Steps

GRA specialises in creating tailored solutions for our customers, supporting organisations to achieve their team development objectives, create sustainable change in team culture and enhance organisational performance by improving team leadership.

We would love to arrange a call or meeting with you to understand the development needs for your teams so that we can propose a solution that will achieve maximum impact.

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