Self-awareness is an invaluable skill in leadership and creating teams that can sustain success. A better understanding of our own motivations, behaviours and relationships helps us to identify how we differ from others and therefore how we can consistently work more effectively with them.

Yet, research indicates only 10-15%* of people are truly self-aware. So, while self-awareness is crucial to prolonged high performance, it is an attribute few individuals and teams possess.

GRA’s Self & Team Awareness programme ensures that members of the team:

  • Are encouraged to ‘look in the mirror’ and understand how to be self-aware
  • Understand learning and behaviour styles through personality profiling tools including Belbin Team Roles
  • See how their leadership and team contribution styles impact on others
  • Reflect on how they can harness their strengths and work effectively with others who have complementary skills
  • Gain insights to team development theory

Through personality profiling, team development theory and practical exercises which bring the theory to life, delegates learn how their own personality and behaviour impacts on others and the complementary styles required to create consistently better results.

Style of the programme

  • Gain personal feedback from a variety of questionnaires, tools, techniques and practical exercises. Understand how these can be used to improve individual and team performance
  • Get to know other team members better and participate in the process of building an effective team/network across the business
  • Personal action plans and on-going

*Research conducted by the Eurich group

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