When people learn new skills, it is essential to practice and experiment with them before implementing them in the real world. This is just as true for the corporate environment as it is in sports, performing arts and healthcare.

With over 25 years of experience, Grahame Robb Associates are experts in bringing learning to life through bespoke business scenarios. We’ll work in partnership with you to create an experience that rapidly increases the rate of learning transfer in the workplace, creates a lasting impression and significantly improves the impact that training has on individual, team and organisational success.

We deliver experiential learning programmes at our two UK-based training centres located in:

Reading, Berkshire

Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire

For further details about what we offer at each centre, click on the location name.

Our two Outdoor Learning Centres offer a risk-free, practical setting to develop transferable skills for a high-pressure, working environment. Our facilitators create opportunities for delegates to identify and manage their own strengths and weaknesses, increase self-awareness and improve their ability to communicate and receive personal feedback whilst escaping a classroom-based teaching atmosphere.

The safety and security of our delegates is of paramount importance when utilising the outdoors. Each of our programmes are run by highly experienced facilitators on equipment which meets UK and European safety standards and is routinely checked. You’re in safe hands with GRA.

We are able to apply experiential learning techniques to a diverse range of programmes including team development, leadership development, graduate development and theoretical approaches.

We are also able to incorporate a blend of different experiential learning objectives including:

  • Problem solving
  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Self- and team-awareness
  • Leadership
  • Personal Confidence Building
  • Personal Stretch Challenges
  • Coaching Skills
  • Indoor Master Classes

Challenge by Choice

We recognise that everyone is challenged by new situations in different ways and to varying degrees.

We are also aware that many team building activities may create "challenge by peer/instructor pressure", where people are persuaded to do things they don't really want to do. It is important to us at GRA that we strictly operate a "Challenge by Choice" policy where the level of participation is set solely by the individual. 

At no time is anyone 'persuaded' to go beyond the boundaries that they set for themselves. There is no failure in your course. Regardless of outcomes, processes are explored. Every effort made by an individual is a win when there is learning involved. Anyone, regardless of varied physical abilities, can participate in activities at both of our Outdoor Learning Centres.

Minimum Age Restrictions

GRA outdoor centres operate a minimum age policy of 16 years old to participate in on-site activities.