Our online modalities are designed to be flexible and support your specific requirements. Whether you're looking to enhance leadership, resilience, teamwork or self awareness in your organisation, we are able to offer live virtual classrooms led by our vastly experienced senior facilitators, self-paced e-learning modules, one-to-one virtual coaching sessions and a blended learning capability that incorporates a combination of these modalities.

Programmes incorporated into our online learning solutions:


Live Virtual Classroom

Our dynamic live virtual classrooms offer everything you’d expect in a face-to-face setting but delivered live in an interactive online classroom which participants can join from anywhere in the world. Each session is led by one of GRA’s experienced Senior Facilitators and a GRA Moderator. We keep classes to a maximum of 16 participants and include all the theory, group discussions, quizzes and polls experienced in a physical classroom; this includes breakout sessions for work with a learning partner or in small groups.


Our self-paced, e-learning platform allows participants to take control of how they learn. Programmes are broken into interactive modules for greater flexibility and freedom to absorb the information at the learner's own pace and on their own schedule. Within each module, learners will find written content, quizzes, case studies, questions for self-reflection and videos to support their development. They will also be able to interact with other participants and a GRA facilitator on the class chat forum and find supporting resources to enhance their understanding of the programme.

Virtual Coaching Sessions

Our coaching sessions are tailored to your needs. We offer coaching for individuals to identify their development needs and develop action plans, executive coaching for managers and leaders based on 360 feedback, self awareness insights incorporating Belbin Teams Roles and/or 360 feedback and finally intensive personal learning experience to understand key leadership and team development theory.

Blended Learning

If learners within your organisation have conflicting availability or a wide range of learning styles which requires multiple modalities for your organisation, we’ll work in partnership with you to create a blended learning experience combining live virtual classrooms, e-learning and coaching as you require for a rich, adaptable learning experience for all of your participants.

GRA Learning Experience Platform

GRA’s Learning Experience Portal (LXP) is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive suite of resources and collaborative learning tools to support their development and complement our live trainer experience. Click here to learn more

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