Effective and timely feedback is critical to successful performance management. An organisational culture that promotes consistent feedback motivates and empowers employees, increases productivity and strengthens relationships.

If you're moving away from the traditional annual appraisal to a more consistent feedback cycle, your managers need the skills to deliver feedback carefully and constructively. Like any skill, delivering feedback requires practice to enable managers to create a clear pathway for performance improvements in their teams.

What is iLoveFeedback Training?

Feedback is integral to enhancing relationships and results. Effective feedback is not venting, blaming, shaming or yielding to excuses. It supports others to enhance their awareness of strengths and weaknesses, increase employee engagement and encourages others in their continued professional development. Yet, most people avoid providing feedback because they don't have the skills or confidence and have a fear of reprisal.

The iLoveFeedback workshop is a half-day or full-day programme that instils skills and promotes confidence through a five-step feedback process. The course offers a deep learning experience including group discussions, practical exercises and deliberate practice of the skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Assess my feedback skills and recognise the role of feedback in continual improvement
  • Create the appropriate attitude and approach for providing feedback
  • Check my purposes for sharing feedback and 'What's In It For Them' (WIIFT)
  • Consider how cultural, gender, generational differences, and location affect my approach to giving feedback
  • Share feedback that is specific, observable and increases the receiver's receptiveness
  • Close the feedback exchange with a shared understanding of next steps for improvement

"Only 12% of organisations have a consistent culture of effective feedback. It can be a real game changer, yet it is rarely part of an organisation's game plan." Marjorie Mauldin, Feedback Revolution

Grahame Robb Associates Ltd are the exclusive UK partner of Executive Forum, a US-based organisation, that designed and developed the iLoveFeedback training programme. The programme draws upon key messages and themes from the book 'Feedback Revolution' written by Margie Mauldin, CEO and President of Executive Forum.

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