Organisations don’t change, people change. Yet successfully changing people’s behaviour is extremely difficult and therefore, many change initiatives fail.

Whether your culture change is focused is innovating processes, improving customer experiences, reducing costs, introducing new products or inspiring collaboration, you need the tactics and tools to successfully change people’s behaviour.

Where do people go wrong?

The rate of failure for transformation programmes is often quoted as being around 70%. These programmes are often slow, complicated processes, so we’ve simplified it for everyone involved - our philosophy is to always focus on the people element of change.

How we support organisations with culture change initiatives

Our clients often tell us that, in the pursuit of continuous improvement, change is the only constant. Sometimes, the best, most well-intentioned culture change strategies fall at the critical stage of execution.

GRA supports organisations through the process by focusing in on the key behaviours you wish for people to enact to see the change you want to dramatically improve business results. Through discussions with you, we’ll identify models and skills to support the change initiative and then we’ll use experiential learning activities to bring it to life.

Instead of overwhelming people with PowerPoint presentations to introduce the new behaviours, values or vision, we create a bespoke practical learning environment to test the new skills and approaches that draw out your desired learning outcomes; away from the everyday comfort zone of the workplace.

We also believe that by putting the theory to the test it supports organisations to embed their new culture as people have tangible experiences to link it back to.

As part of the process of supporting your organisation’s culture change programme, we’ll work with you to:

  • Focus on the key behaviours to create the desired change
  • Create a process for embedding the behaviours across the organisation
  • Identify social influencers to support the change
  • Link the key behaviours to intrinsic and extrinsic motivating factors

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