An effective leadership team is at the core of every successful organisation. Therefore, developing the senior leadership team’s ability to collaborate, communicate and develop a strategy with collective ownership & accountability is critical to consistently delivering for your key stakeholders and improving business performance.

Common challenges for senior leadership teams

We have worked with senior leadership teams for over 30 years and, while every organisation has its own unique challenges, there are common pitfalls and difficulties leadership teams experience, including:

  • Misalignment on expectations, challenges and the future direction of the organisation
  • Individual egos or internal politics creating silos
  • An inability to positively influence others and enact change initiatives
  • A culture of blame, or even silence, rather than accountability
  • Individual experts, but operating in an underperforming team dynamic

How we help senior leadership teams

GRA works with senior leadership teams to design and deliver practical and powerful development programmes which are tailored to achieve the desired learning outcomes of the customer. Our team development solutions offer leadership teams the opportunity to step away from the office and their comfort zones and support the team to collectively identify the vision and strategic direction of the organisation, solve complex problems and understand how to enhance their ability to introduce change initiatives.

We can customise a development programme to focus on any of the following critical business challenges:

Our approach

GRA specialises in results-driven team development programmes. Our solutions are customised to customer requirements, time constraints and budgets. We blend recognised and proven models and skills for building high performing teams with practical application of the skills in an experiential setting at our outdoor leadership centres to accelerate learning transfer and performance.

To truly embed the learning, we offer senior leadership teams complex business scenarios that test the team’s dynamics and ability to collaborate. This will require the group to take on the role of a fictional organisation and involve business and financial planning, undertaking a range of cerebral and physical challenges to achieve rewards and balancing the requirements of key stakeholders. The business scenario is supported by a facilitated review to help the leaders identify how the learning can be applied within their organisation and set action plans of who will do what by when.

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