GRA are delighted to announce that we’re hosting an open Resilience for Results programme at our Corporate Outdoor Learning Centre, Reading on the 6th-7th June 2017 with places available for you to attend.

Right now, the pace of change itself is changing. Most people adopt a coping mindset and ‘muddle through’, but the ability to thrive through change is crucial to building a high performance culture and an environment of continuous improvement.

The two-day Resilience for Results programme focuses on developing the tactics and techniques to prepare for, adapt to and recover from difficult challenges quickly and effectively. This ability is essential to maintaining optimum performance.

Emotional, physical or mental challenges such as strained relationships, an overwhelming workload, limited resources or the pressure to succeed can have a negative impact upon performance. Resilient employees role model the positive behaviours and confident mind-set required to effectively respond to these challenges in the workplace. 

Whether you’re looking to lead others through a period of transformation or develop your own personal resilience, our practical and experiential programme will provide you with tools you can apply in the workplace.

Places for the course are available for £800+VAT per person.

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For more information regarding Resilience for Results training please contact us on 01962 779911 or email 

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