GRA are proud to announce that our new laser combat team building activity, at our Outdoor Leadership Centre, St. George’s Park, is a carbon-neutral facility, consistently utilising eco-friendly and recyclable materials as well as a design focused on blending in with the natural surroundings of the National Forest.

The laser combat arena was created by carefully landscaping the area around existing war-time bunkers that have been reclaimed and renovated; so no additional earth was required to develop the site.

In addition to the reclaimed bunkers, additional cover for participants to hide behind has been created using recycled wooden pallets and the natural landscape of the arena.

Team briefings will be held in our equipment bunker which is powered by solar panels on the roof and walls and refreshments are provided from our water machine that requires refillable barrels; even the machine’s plastic stop caps are recyclable. Delegates will drink from compostable plastic cups which can also be recycled.

Furthermore, the laser combat arena has its own solar-powered, eco-toilet that turns toilet paper and waste into compost.

Andy Norton, GRA’s Operations Manager at the Outdoor Leadership Centre, said: “We are very mindful and passionate about our responsibility as an outdoor centre to respect the natural environment and take every opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint. I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved through the development of the laser combat arena and look forward to welcoming delegates to experience our new team activity.”

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