We are delighted to announce a new four-part, complimentary webinar series outlining the importance of being able to hold difficult, emotionally-sensitive conversations in the workplace.

When people have the skills and confidence to hold the right conversation, at the right time, we can improve employee engagement, leadership, team collaboration and results. Please register for each of the sessions you would like to attend. Further details about each session can be found on the registration page. If you’re not able to join us live, don’t worry! Everyone who registers will receive a copy of the recording to watch at their own convenience.

You can also take part in our new survey on workplace communication. There are no right or wrong answers, we are simply trying to understand how you, as a manager, feel about holding difficult conversations with your team.

Conversations to keep your best employees, Friday 10th June

Do you ever regret seeing certain individuals leave the organisation and wish you’d been able to do something to convince them to stay? Our webinar will discuss why people choose not to speak up when they’re unhappy; how to choose the right conversation to have; and tips for opening up a dialogue.

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How to address the elephant in the room, Tuesday 21st June

Joe Mackintosh and Jane Hodgson will discuss the true cost of silence. What is your default future if you don't speak up? How will your relationships and career progression be impacted? They'll also answer questions including 1) Which are the hardest conversations for managers to have? 2) How long do people wait before tackling a difficult issue? 3) How often do managers have to hold difficult conversations with their team?

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Take part in our survey on workplace communication

How to respond to negative feedback in a meeting, Friday 8th July

Have you ever been in a team meeting or delivering a presentation where someone else in the room is challenging everything you say and making your life difficult? We will introduce you to the skills required to control our negative emotions, our unhealthy motives and our behaviour when we feel angry or hurt, so we can stay focused on working towards a mutual purpose.

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Dealing with a difficult colleague, Thursday 21st July

Do you work with someone you would describe as “difficult”? Perhaps they’re arrogant, dismissive, opinionated, untrustworthy, unhelpful or negative. How many of the negative adjectives you would use about that person are factual? Our emotions and our behaviour are dictated by the stories we tell ourselves about people rather than the facts. We will offer insight into the skills required for mastering your stories and remaining in dialogue when it matters most.

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