The County Football Association Support Services team has undertaken GRA’s Resilience for Results training as part of its efforts to support staff wellbeing in response to the ongoing pandemic.

Resilience for Results provides individuals with the tools and techniques to strengthen their resilience, reframe their mindset and adapt their behaviour when dealing with change or stressful situations.

Due to the current pandemic, GRA have tailored our traditionally face-to-face approach for a virtual setting. Joe Mackintosh, GRA’s Senior Facilitator, said: “Our preference is to deliver experiential training face-to-face, but that’s currently not possible. We have invested a lot of time and effort to ensure we can still achieve the learning objectives of our development programmes and stay true to our guiding principles, whilst modifying the learning journey so it’s suitable for a virtual setting. We’re delighted with the engagement, energy and positive feedback of our delegates.

Sam Hobbs, County FA Support Services Manager – L&D, who organised the training said: “I was really impressed. GRA have done a great job of adapting their leadership development content for synchronous online delivery. The platform ran smoothly, the content was engaging and it was a welcome chance to connect with colleagues in a different online setting. Joe’s presentation style was lively, good-humoured and there were plenty of opportunities for learners to interact with short, punchy breakout sessions and online whiteboards.

A key element of maintaining the experiential aspect of GRA’s approach is ensuring that every learner is comfortable with the technology utilised so that they can participate effectively in the session. In addition to introductions to the platform’s features, each facilitator is supported by a technical producer who works in the background to help delegates who are unsure or experience difficulties.

Sam commented, “Making learners feel comfortable and secure when joining a session is just as important online as it is face-to-face. The team at GRA achieved this by taking the time to familiarise learners with their platform and provide individual technical support as needed without disrupting the flow of the session.

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