GRA are delighted to announce that the award-winning Crucial Conversations Training course is now available in the UK and Ireland through a completely on-demand, online e-learning experience designed for the modern learner.

While Crucial Conversations Online teaches the same award-winning content as the classroom course, it turns traditional online training on its head by harnessing state-of-the-art technology to deliver a flexible, social and interactive experience that translates into real behaviour change.

  • Flexible – Users can learn when it's most convenient and at their own speed. All users need is an internet connection and a computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Engaging – Users learn through self-paced activities focused on observing and recognising the skills and then applying those skills to a crucial conversation of their own. They earn badges for completing these activities. Skills are taught in bite-sized modules via a variety of learning tools including videos, quizzes, articles, discussion forums and video practice sessions.
  • Social – Users learn in cohorts and interact socially by liking, commenting and sharing feedback with their learning partners. There is also a leaderboard highlighting participants' progress compared to other learners on the course.

Crucial Conversations Online is ideal for modern learners who have limited travel budgets, who work in remote locations, or who simply want to access training in the location of their choice and in shorter intervals. In addition to flexibility, participants have indicated that Crucial Conversations Online delivers an effective, engaging, and fast-paced learning experience.

"Crucial Conversations Online is very organized, simple to work through and engaging," said beta participant Kelli Klecan. "Learning was effortless and I believe retention of each lesson will be just as high, or perhaps even higher, online than in the classroom."

Crucial Conversations Online has ten hours of total instructional time that can be delivered all at once (completely self-paced) or in a time-released format over four weeks (users have three months of unlimited access). Regardless of delivery preference, the lessons and skills are offered on-demand and allow users to dive into both required and additional learning content at their own speed and ability level—delivering skills in the moment when the user needs them most.  

To learn more about Crucial Conversations Online, visit:

Crucial Conversations Online is already on its way to leading the industry in online learning solutions. In November 2016, the course was named The Best Soft Skills Solution at DemoFest, part of eLearning Guild's 2016 DevLearn conference.


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