We are delighted to announce that Joe Mackintosh, a Senior Facilitator at GRA, has been accredited as a Licensed HeartMath Coach.

Joe is now able to provide individuals, teams and organisations with resilience training that explores and applies the unique HeartMath tools and techniques for reaching a physical, mental and emotional state of coherence.

The key to its effectiveness is in its simplicity, with a set of techniques and processes to follow to reach optimum performance. In addition, HeartMath’s Inner Balance™ and emWave® technology enable people to monitor their heart rate variability (HRV) and reactions to stress to develop a greater understanding of their own behaviour.

Joe said: “These powerful techniques for mental and emotional self-regulation can have a hugely positive impact in the workplace. The application is wide-reaching and can help people to improve their performance as well as manage stress and emotional well-being. It is a competitive advantage in crucial moments in professional sports or decision-making in a corporate environment as well as offering significant application in healthcare, education and many other sectors.”

For more information regarding HeartMath training, please contact Joe Mackintosh via joe@gra.uk.com or call us on 01962 779911.

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