Grahame Robb Associates (GRA) today launched its new Beyond Default: Strategic Leadership development programme in collaboration with the authors of the book, Beyond Default: Setting Your Organization on a Trajectory to an Improved Future.

Utilising key principles from the book, by David Trafford and Peter Boggis, our new programme supports organisations to develop their capability to design and execute strategy. This innovative, programme provides a unique blended learning experience with new insights, tools and approaches that will enable you to put your organisation on a trajectory to an improved future.

Grahame Robb, Managing Director of GRA, said: “We’ve designed an experiential learning programme that requires delegates to undertake a live business case study, operating as a team in an environment which is outside their comfort zone. Through participation in the business scenario, leaders have the opportunity to experience and implement the tools and tactics required to change their organisation’s trajectory and reinforce the relationship between strategy design, strategy execution and the impact on business performance.”

David Trafford, co-author of the book and contributor to the new programme, said: “We believe that the new leadership development programme offers a distinctive approach to strategy and change. Its core philosophy is that all organisations are on a trajectory to a given future – their default future – which is the place they will end up if they take no action other than that currently planned. The purpose of strategy is therefore to change this trajectory to one that leads to an improved future and the role of leaders is to make informed choices on the trajectory to take. Our new programme enables leaders to trial the skills before applying them back in their own workplace.”

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