Traditionally, managers reach their position due to their performance in a functional role rather than being identified for their ability to lead people. There are significant differences between the capabilities of a great or good manager, let alone a bad one, and this will have a huge impact on the performance, productivity and culture of a team as well as the retention and development of your best people – people leave managers not companies.

Recognising the challenges managers face

A 2018 research report indicated that 58% of managers received no training for the role, while another report highlighted that 87% felt unprepared to be a manager. If managers themselves know they’re under-skilled and under-prepared to lead others, the impact on the performance of your organisation could be hugely detrimental.

To be effective in their role, managers have to learn to balance the expectations of their own manager with the needs of the people, projects and processes they’re leading and implementing the organisation’s vision and strategy.

Therefore, management development training is essential for existing managers to help them achieve more, improve the performance of their team and fulfil their potential in one day transitioning to a senior management position.

How we support organisations with management development programmes

For a manager to feel confident in their leadership abilities they first need to feel competent. People only develop competence through practice and that’s where we can support your managers.

GRA provides unique learning programmes, based on your requirements, budget, delegate experience and learning outcomes. We are able to draw upon our vast experience, accreditations, tools and models to create bespoke development opportunities for your managers. Whether you're supporting relatively new managers to step up another level, enhancing the effectiveness of middle managers or assessing the potential for people to step into a senior role, we can work with you to develop a programme that meets your needs.

The programmes will go beyond PowerPoint presentations and theory to incorporate various opportunities to put the theory to the test through practical exercises, challenges and activities.

From one-day to modular programmes

Our programmes can be flexible to your requirements from a specific intervention around one particular skill through to a modular programme to develop a new mindset, approach and skill-set. Furthermore, we can work with you to develop our unique ‘business scenarios’ that bring the learning to life through situations which replicate the complexities of the workplace, including customer requirements and business objectives, while taking part in cerebral or physical challenges.

Examples of our management development offerings include:

  • Business scenarios
  • Goal setting and flexible leadership styles (SLII)
  • Self and team awareness
  • iLoveFeedback
  • Team dynamics and composition of high-performing teams
  • Personal action plans
  • Self-leadership
  • Coaching
  • 360s

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