Why do intelligent and highly-skilled people sometimes fail to convert their potential into consistent performance or fall short of the expectations we have of them? In our complex and chaotic world, it often comes down to misalignment on expectations, inconsistent or ineffective communication or people simply not knowing how to translate their knowledge and skills into actionable behaviours to achieve success.

Our ‘Leading for Results’ programme prides itself on the accessibility of our behaviour change model and its real-world application. We aim to move away from complicated competency frameworks to focus on what truly matters to deliver consistent performance. 

Benefits of GRA's Approach to Behaviour Change

  • Practical exercises throughout the programme ensure enhanced learning transfer
  • Effective management, coaching and development tools to support others
  • Focuses on a growth mindset
  • Step-by-step process to support development and help people discover the behaviours which could make the biggest difference to them personally
  • Challenge people to commit to demonstrable behaviours, not describe aspirational values
  • Promotes two-way dialogue about development
  • Applicable in any setting with scalability
  • Outcome-focused model that aligns the purpose of someone’s role with the key behaviours required to be successful

How does GRA's Leading for Results model work?

We provide individuals and teams with a practical and straight-forward framework to enhance alignment and engagement with team and organisational objectives by diagnosing, planning and enacting sustainable behaviour change that will make a positive difference and lead to enhanced performance.

Once managers have been through the programme, they will have the tools to apply the model to develop others. Our step-by-step process will enable them to share best practice, hold challenging conversations focused on accountability and foster dialogue around the specific and demonstrable behaviours they plan to enact or change. The model is designed with iterative progression towards goals in mind, therefore we advise that the worksheet and commitments people make are reflected on and amended on a 90-day cycle, this makes the behaviour change manageable, motivating and ensures we're always focusing on what matters at the time; rather than goals and behaviours which have become irrelevant to our roles.

We support people to focus on the attitude and mindset, skills, and knowledge required to enact the key behaviours for consistent performance linked to their overall aims and purpose within the organisation. Through plenary discussions, practical exercises and facilitator feedback, we’ll utilise our proven behaviour change model to dig under the surface and challenge pre-conceptions to help individuals and teams assess their current reality, consider what changes they can make to increase their performance and create an action plan that sets in motion a path to success.

Through 30 years of developing leaders and teams, GRA have observed that people find it difficult to identify demonstrable behaviours which lead to success. Discussions about behaviour change take people out of their comfort zone and our facilitators are highly-skilled at creating an emotionally-safe environment in which to be open to change and share personal challenges and concerns. We help people move away from describing inspirational values and aspirational qualities with no tangible behaviours and to write specific, measurable behaviours they can enact.

Leading for Results Learning Objectives

  • Identify their personal purpose within the team and the attitude, skills and knowledge that can be translated into high leverage behaviours for success
  • Receive constructive feedback from GRA facilitators and peers to challenge mindsets through open, emotionally-safe dialogue
  • Develop action plans for enhanced learning transfer and application of the key behaviours
  • Learn how to adapt and flex their leadership style to the individual and their personal development needs
  • Understand our behaviour change model which is accessible and flexible to utilise within their own teams and demonstrate best practice
  • Discuss real and perceived blockers which exist to limit performance and implementation of the model
  • As a team, identify how to support each other, hold one another accountable, develop others and create dialogue to identify and solve problems moving forward collaboratively

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