GRA designs and delivers tailored, experiential leadership development programmes to provide your people with the skills and confidence to maximise their effectiveness within your organisation.

We take people out of their everyday comfort zone to learn and apply proven leadership models and theories as well as receive personalised feedback from our vastly experienced training facilitators.

GRA leadership development programmes

We believe there isn’t one single formula or off-the-shelf package to create great leaders and therefore we will design a programme customised for you. We focus on inspiring people to reach their full potential by learning the key skills and behaviours required to be an effective leader, so that they can embrace and enhance their own individual leadership style and reach optimum levels of performance.

Our unique approach extends beyond typical classroom learning by focusing on practical application of leadership skills to enhance learning transfer to the workplace. We have over 30 years' experience in leadership development, therefore we will discuss with you what great leadership looks like in your organisation so we can recommend tools, models and frameworks that we believe will have the biggest impact for your programme.

As well as designing completely bespoke leadership programmes, GRA also has a range of core programmes and offerings that can be customised to your needs:

"This was the best executive management event I have been on. It gave me lots of insights on where I, and the team, can improve." Stephen Bateman, CEO, Derbyshire Health United

Leadership development objectives

We want to support you to develop leaders who can inspire and develop others, develop and accomplish new strategies and grow your organisation. Each of our leadership training programmes are bespoke to your unique objectives. However, we believe there are fundamental requirements which include:

  • Understanding essential leadership skills and behaviours
  • Increasing their sense of direction and purpose through a higher-level assessment of the situation
  • Gaining insights into individual styles, preferences and personalities
  • Understanding how to be authentic and lead by example
  • Improving decision-making and problem-solving
  • Enhancing their coaching and feedback techniques to empower others
  • Improving their ability to relate to and influence others
  • Developing communication skills, both one-to-one and motivating a team

 “It’s only when people start using the word leader about you that you, as it were, actually become a leader” John Adair

Why experiential learning?

We want people to really challenge how they think about leadership as well as to reflect on their own experiences and preferences.

Experiential learning offers delegates of all experience levels the opportunity to push themselves and try new skills in a safe environment, to reflect on how successfully they were able to apply them in a practical setting and then feel confident and positive in transferring the learning back to the workplace.

We create opportunities for leaders to test their communication skills, decision-making processes and delegation to understand how this impacts upon team performance. GRA specialises in creating bespoke business scenarios to support leadership development. Complete the form below to find out more about our scenario challenges.

"GRA's experiential scenario challenged our leaders and has been a pivotal building block to support them in achieving their full potential as leaders." Michelle Ford, Talent and Development Manager, Tech Data

Who do we support?

We tailor the programme’s content and complexity to suit your requirements and the experience levels of the delegates participating in the programme. We have significant experience working with leaders at all levels including first-time managers, transitioning leaders, experienced leaders and even elite sports teams.

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