While no team is perfect, how many teams in your organisation would you describe as operating at, or near, their peak performance?

Individuals might be highly motivated to be autonomous, responsible and successful, but few teams are collectively motivated by the same goals and aspirations as they’re simply put together to perform a functional role without addressing team dynamics, complementary personality types or a strategy for collaborative working.

In a VUCA world where fine margins exist between success and failure, this can have a huge impact on the performance of teams in your organisation. Our experience working with elite sports teams and market leading organisations indicates the best performing teams understand how to maximise their collective capabilities, are efficient and effective in responding to setbacks & challenges and capable of disagreeing constructively; without damaging relationships.

How we support in-tact teams

"The feedback and positive comments that we received from our team far exceeded my expectations and I was thrilled with the day.  It really delivered on what we wanted to achieve." Hannah Cooksey, EMEA Team Lead, Commvault

We will work with you to discuss the objectives you’re trying to achieve with your team development programme, understand what a high-performing team looks like, or should look like, in your organisation (including benchmarking) and therefore select the appropriate tools and models to achieve the most significant impact.

Every team is different in its composition, they may have operated with the same members for a long time and be set in their ways, they may have a new manager with a different philosophy and set of expectations or they may have just undertaken significant change in structure and be right back at the start of their journey towards optimum performance.

No matter how they’re setup, teams are complex and progress in changing their collective behaviour can be slow.

We have the knowledge, experience and breadth of training solutions to help your organisation create rapid and sustainable change to overcome its team challenges – whether it’s creating bespoke scenarios to re-affirm the organisation’s mission and values to re-engage people and spark the creativity and performance you had come to expect or developing a tailored modular programme to build bridges, develop mutual understanding and transform the performance of the team.

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