Great People Development provides you with a fully-customisable psychometric assessment to identify areas of development for your employees and close the gap between their performance and that of your top employees.

The GPI system offers a Management Report which includes behavioural insights as well as coaching and development suggestions to help managers improve the performance of individuals and teams.

Great Managers

Managers are trusted with a high level of responsibility. Therefore, it stands to reason that they, and the organisation, will greatly benefit from a thorough assessment of their leadership personality and skills. The GPI system focuses on identifying leadership potential from several different perspectives including: fairness, foresight and inspiration as well as the ability to work with generation diversity and in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environment.

Great Managers supports your organisation to:

  • Identify the performance potential of employees
  • Understanding leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop management competencies, skills and behaviours
  • Support succession planning programmes
  • Coach and development managers

Great People 360°

Our 360 allows individuals and their managers to see how they are perceived by their peers, direct reports and other influential respondents in their day-to-day roles. The psychometric assessment takes up to 30 minutes to complete and incorporates up to 38 unique dimensions. The report tells you what people are doing well, areas of development and any blind spots where they perceive themselves very differently to how they’re perceived by others. This constructive feedback provides clear and concise advice on how the individual can improve their performance as well as how the manager can support their employees on their development path.

Great People 360° is recommended for:

  • Developing competencies, skills and behaviours
  • Prioritising development needs
  • Talent identification and development
  • Strategic workforce and succession planning
  • Team development
  • Conflict resolution

Great People Development Assessment Dimensions:

Communication: Active Listening | Information Analysis | Straightforward Communication
Leadership: Integrity | Guidance | Task Delegation
Flexibility: Situational Adaptability | Innovation
Organisational Connectivity: Work Relationships | Teamwork
Process Management: Resource Use Efficiency | Professionalism
Performance: Initiative and Problem Solving | Goal Orientation
Coaching: Talent Development | Team Motivation
Self-Development: Commitment | Continuous Development
Commercial Strategy: Creative Marketing | Client Orientation | Adapting to Client Needs | Risk Management
Team Spirit: Interdisciplinary Approach | Cooperation | Open Communication | Conflict Management
Openness to change: Creative Thinking | New Technology | Focus on the Essentials | Change Management
Responsibility: Courage | Responsibility and Empowerment | Risk Prevention | Performance Management
Engagement: Vision | Power of Example | Empathy | Succession Planning

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