Great People Inside is an assessment platform which helps organisations to recruit the best talent available and develop people to their full potential; enabling the organisation to enhance its performance. It is the only fully-customisable, psychometric and 360° feedback assessment platform in the world. Grahame Robb Associates Ltd are a UK Independent Partner of Great People Inside (GPI).

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Our cloud-based platform can be adapted to incorporate a diverse range of 61 scientifically-validated dimensions, such as leadership, team work, engagement and many more to create a tailored solution for your organisation. You can choose the specific competencies, values, requirements and objectives for any role, department within your organisation; whether you want a short five dimension test that takes 12-15 minutes to complete or a comprehensive 25 dimension assessment that takes 75 minutes to complete – the choice is yours. We only measure what’s important to you.

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1. Define your success drivers - People drive business success, but finding the right people isn’t easy. The first step towards a better workforce is identifying what makes your best employees stand out from the rest.

2. Use our tools - No two companies are exactly the same. The drivers of success in one company will differ greatly from another. Our platform can be easily customised to fit your exact needs and tailored to find the right people for you.

3. Measure and apply - Our assessment process is user-friendly and intuitive, but you’ll still have support from our dedicated team throughout the process; from creating job profiles to managing responses. You won’t require a technical background to interpret the results of the assessment.

4. Improve your business - Whether you’re looking to improve the success rate of your recruitment process or maximise the potential of individuals and teams, the extensive reports provided by the Great People Inside platform will be an invaluable tool.


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