GRA’s experiential learning approach to leadership development and team development is perfectly suited to improve the success of graduate programmes for high-potential graduates who might one day lead your organisation.

We can work with you in a variety of ways to support your graduate development programme, whether it’s creating a fun and memorable induction event to embed the culture and values of the organisation and act as a platform for the graduates to build their careers or building on the learning and development opportunities the graduates have already experienced in the workplace, we’re able to tailor our support to your needs.

Our approach  

We take graduates outside of their comfort zone and push them to increase their self-awareness by exploring how their own personality and leadership style impacts on the performance of others and help the graduates understand how to optimise team performance through team development theory.

Our outdoor centres provide a unique setting for graduates to develop, practice and hone their leadership skills. We blend opportunities to learn well-known leadership and team theory and understand the characteristics of world-class teams with practical application to put the theory to the test as well as in-depth review sessions to enhance learning transfer back in the workplace.

Through experiential learning, graduates will also become aware of their leadership blind spots and create action plans for reflecting upon and overcoming these challenges. This is vital to enable the graduates to turn their weaknesses into areas of development and growth which can be worked on back in the workplace.

How we support graduate development programmes:

Our graduate development training modules and support could include:

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