Transitioning into a management role for the first time can be daunting.

New managers often feel like they’re balancing the needs of their own manager, the task at hand, the collective team and individuals on a tight rope and one wrong move will cause everything to fall. Managers at all levels have to balance these responsibilities, but through experience and training, they will start to feel like they’ve got their feet on solid ground.

The new manager must also start thinking ‘we’ not ‘me’. They must divide their time between their own responsibilities and ensuring that other people are motivated, engaged and performing. Management requires a completely different skill set from performing a functional role therefore there are no guarantees that a top performing contributor will replicate their success and become a top performing manager.

So, that’s the bad news. The good news is that leaders aren’t born, they’re made. We can help your new managers through the transition and on a journey to becoming a great manager and playing to their strengths; there is no template for what a great manager looks like.

Setting new managers up for success

GRA supports organisations looking to provide first-time managers, future leaders, graduates and apprentices with the practical leadership skills required to feel confident and competent when transitioning into management and successfully leading others.

Through experiential learning, we’ll take delegates out of their comfort zone to help them learn more about different personality types, leadership styles and understand how these impact on the performance of individuals and teams; how to get the best out of them instead of disengaging or demotivating people.

Our programmes are bespoke to the unique requirements of our customers, therefore we’ll work with you to understand how we can incorporate your organisation’s vision and values into the learning outcomes.

Our approach to developing managers

Our philosophy to leadership development is the same whether we’re working with first-time managers or experienced leaders, however we customise the content and complexity to match their development stage. For new managers, we offer:

  • Self and team awareness – including personality profiling
  • Action Centred Leadership
  • Delivering difficult feedback
  • Resilience and sustainable performance
  • Flexible leadership
  • Coaching
  • Presentation Skills
  • Management 360°

Get in touch

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