Building a vision which is shared by your staff and that enables you to achieve your strategic goals is critical to support growth in any organisation. Our team have over 20 years of experience in supporting executive teams to build their organisation's next vision. We believe that there are three key steps to the successful development and implementation of a vision, whether it’s for a team, function or organisation:

  • Creation
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

We offer a unique and effective approach to achieving each of these steps, helping your organisation to build a vision which is shared by your staff and enables you to achieve your strategic goals.

Our programmes are highly participative, practical, engaging and fun. We help facilitate individual and group deliberate practice which guide the group to meet pre-agreed objectives. We focus on building the shared vision, increasing self and team awareness and ensuring ownership of an agreed way of working together in future – with clear roles, responsibilities, accountability and development plans.



  • Clear appreciation of the ‘big picture’ and overall shared vision
  • Improved ownership of the vision and strategy
  • Better understanding of how their day to day actions are aligned to the strategic vision


  • Clear purpose and goal, which is owned by the staff
  • Better understanding of how to exploit current strengths and opportunities
  • Recognition of how to address the threats and weaknesses
  • More committed staff, who are focused on delivering the agreed vision
  • Improved ability to plan ahead against an agreed plan and route map for investment, giving confidence to employees, shareholders and customers

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