Leadership teams who are able to develop and execute effective strategy are critical to the success of any organisation. Without this collective capability, your organisation has very little control over its own future.

Our Beyond Default: Strategic Leadership Development Programme will help you to develop this capability - whether it's for your top leadership, your internal strategy team, or department managers forming a strategy - this innovative programme will provide you with the insights, tools and approaches required to put your organisation on a trajectory to an improved future.

Creating the conditions for success

Based upon the book Beyond Default: Setting your organisation on a trajectory to an improved future, by David Trafford and Peter Boggis, this blended learning programme offers a distinctive approach to developing and implementing an effective organisational strategy. Its core philosophy is that all organisations are on a trajectory to a given future – their default future – which is the place they will end up if they take no action other than that currently planned. 

The purpose of strategy is therefore to change this trajectory to one that leads to an improved future and the role of leaders is to make the informed and critical choices that define the trajectory. Sounds easy, but corporate history is littered with organisations that failed to confront and change their default future. 

Programme learning objectives

After participating in the programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of Beyond Default including the impact of endogenous and exogenous forces
  • Understand why developing and executing strategy remains a challenge for many organisations, and which capabilities are needed to increase the chances of success
  • Face up to the default future of their own organisation
  • Operationalise strategic intent by creating the conditions that ‘pull’, as opposed to ‘push’, their organisation onto it target trajectory
  • Develop and exercise collective leadership

“This is not a time for tinkering. Strategy is coming to the fore once again, and Beyond Default provides the tools to take strategy to the next level.” Don Tapscott, foreword to Beyond Default.

An experiential approach to developing this core capability

The programme has been designed to be accessible and supportive to different learning styles as well as utilising experiential learning techniques. There are four modules available through the Beyond Default: Strategic Leadership Development Programme, but you choose which modules are relevant to your development needs. Whichever path you wish to take through the programme, you will begin with the self-paced, e-learning module which introduces the Principles and Frameworks from the Beyond Default book.

Core Modules
  • Principles and Frameworks: a self-paced, e-learning course that introduces the language, principles, concepts and frameworks of the Default Future approach to developing and executing strategy.
  • Collective Strategic Leadership: 2 and a ½ day experiential learning programme that introduces delegates to a live business scenario to be undertaken by the group. The scenario offers opportunities to develop collective leadership and implement the principles and frameworks from the e-learning module in a practical setting - without collective leadership there will be no collective strategy, and without collective strategy an organisation has very little chance of successfully changing their trajectory.
Advanced Modules
  • Developing strategy: 2 and a ½ day workshop in which the group ‘fast tracks’ the development of a strategy for their organisation, division or functional unit. It is envisaged that work would continue on the strategy following the workshop.
  • Executing strategy: 2 and a ½ day workshop focusing on turning strategic intent into operational reality. Again, it is envisaged that work would continue on executing the strategy following the workshop.

How you complete the programme is up to you, whether you wish to undertake one module or all four - get in touch for further details.

“Beyond Default explores both organisational and individual-level factors to build a holistic approach to change management in today’s volatile and unpredictable business environment.” Michael Wade, Professor of Innovation and Strategy at IMD.

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